Painful acne around mouth area?

Painful acne around mouth area?

Acne Around Mouth Area, Question by Ashlie: Painful acne around mouth area? Acne Around Mouth Area

I am constantly getting sore small, deep red bumps (acne is what it appears to me) all around my mouth. Sometimes they are on the top of my lip, right above my lip, sometimes they are around the base of my nose near my lip, and sometimes they are right near the bottom lip. There is never a week where I do not have them and they hurt like hell becuase they are the deep ones! I can never seem to get rid of them and have tried everything under the sun! Any ideas or suggestions??? I thought maybe I might be allergic to flouride. I have heard that breakouts around your mouth can be associated with it. Who knows? ? Any ideas and how to get rid of this crap! And BTW, they are not cold sores!

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Answer by rowdysunsetart
You might want to try lysine..usually any sores that come up on the mouth and yours sounds like they might be sores compared to pimples...are because lysine in the system is can get some seabreeze and put on them which should dry them out quickly...but you need to make sure you are getting all your vitamins and minerals...and lots of water...hope it helps

Answer by TG123
there called milia and usually occur from improper cleansing they could be caused from your makeup and crest brand is the worst for causing these when you cleanse make sure to concentrate on those areas also make sure you use your exfoliater 2 to 3x a week and no more than that over exfoliating can also cause this

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Acne Around Mouth Area â€" Dr. Thomas P. Habif, MD discusses Acne Pimples - Papules and Pustules. See more at PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!!! Papulopustular Acne Introduction Papulopustular acne is the most common form of acne. All acne begins with a microcomedo. That lesion may progress to a closed comedo also know as a white head or an open comedo which is also know as a black head. The microcomedo, open and closed comedo all have the potential to evolve into papules and pustules. The most common presentation is to see comedones, papules and pustules in the same area. Lesions may remain localized to the face or appear on the back, chest and upper arms. The course and extent is highly variable and unpredictable. Some patients have only a few papules that may last a few months and resolve. Others have a moderate number of papules or papules and pustules that extend to all areas of the face. At the other end of the spectrum are thos e who have wide spread unstable disease with many papules and pustules that last well into the twenties and thirties. All of these lesions heal with scarring. The smallest papules and pustules leave only microscopic scars. Scars following the evolution of the larger more inflamed lesions are visible. Rosacea and perioral dermatitis may be misdiagnosed as acne. Rosacea usually begins after age 30. Papules and pustules of uniform size are found on the forehead, cheeks and nose. There may be erythema and telangiectasias in the same location. Perioral dermatitis ... Acne Around Mouth Area

Wrinkles Around Mouth - Unusual Home Remedy

They show up all the more if your body is producing very less oil and if the cells are drying up. We all want to get rid of them, but simultaneously, we are worried about spending too much for this endeavour. The good news is, there are many home remedies that can help to fight these problems; and they are very economical as well! One of the most unusual way of doing that, especially to the wrinkles around mouth, is by using facial taping, as referred by the website The site calls it "The Celebrity Secret";  it is a process in which household tapes are used to reduce these fine lines.


For following this method of removing wrinkles around mouth, you will need, a good skin cleanser, a cloth for facial cleaning, dry towel and any clear duct or masking tape. Here is what you have to do:


● Before going to bed, exfoliate your skin.

For that, you can use a facial towel and a mild face cleaner. First apply the mild face cleanser to your skin. Then use the towel in circular motion to rub off any dead skin cell from the skin. Now use cool water from your tap to wash off the cleanser from the applied area. Dry the face and skin as gently as possible; never rub your skin or face with the towel but pat to clean. In the areas around your jaw or mouth, do not apply any face cream or moisturizer of any kind.

● Now take your tape and pull a long strand off the duct/masking tape. The length will vary according to your need, but the instruction is for a tape with length of around six inches. approximately about 1/2 -inch from the corners of your mouth, near the jaw lines, apply one end of the tape. Pull back on it and run your finger alongside the tapes length to securely stick it to the skin.

The loose end of the tape is to be attached directly behind your ear. The process is to be repeated on the other side of your face.

● Apply the tape directly on the prominent wrinkles around mouth. For that, make small sections of the tape and use that on the fine lines around your mouth.With your fingers, smooth out the tapes.

● After keeping the tape on the wrinkles overnight, remove it in the morning. Make sure you wash your face meticulously to remove all traces of adhesive from it.


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